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What is DMR Promiscuous Mode?

The Promiscuous mode is a game changer in DMR operation. It lets you listen to all talk groups on any time slot on any color code. When you receive a signal and you want to switch to that time slot – talk group combination, you just press a button on the RFinder M1 and the radio changes to it. So, basically, you can monitor a repeater for all communications. How about that?

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RFinder M1 Android/DMR/LTE

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Original article by Jeff | VA2SS. Visit his great hamradio blog here.

Hi every one! I recently added in my gears the *no code plug needed* UHF DMR transceiver RFinder M1. Previously announced during Hamvention 2017, my first feeling, when I seen it at that time, I was impressed, curious… but I was not conviced to make the jump and break the bank to buy it. But a month ago, after reading good comments ont it, I changed my mind! When I received it a month ago, and now let me tell you that I am very conviced! 🙂

rfinder-m1-original.pngFirst of all, the M1 is running under a customized Android OS version 6.0… not the latest release of Android OS, but a very stable one, and no bloatware are installed; only the essential and needed software. All users will be able to later install every sofware they need… so this is a good news! The LTE modem is also compatible with mostly all today’s LTE bands, at least here in North America, especially in Canada; I’m using Rogers Wireless service and it is working flawlessly so far.

Physically, the Rfinder M1 is built like a tank… and I mean it! I already dropped it by accident, and nothing happened, not a scratch or dent… Nothing at all!! 🙂 Plenty of physical buttons, PTT for DMR radio, PTT for apps like Zello, another PTT for future add-on feature and a red button located atop for future feature add-on also.


The M1 also has a nano SIM slot and a micro SD slot for storage up to 32 GB. Both slots are protected by a waterproof cover. The 6,200 mA battery is also removable and protected by a waterproof battery door also, and offers plenty of power to work all day long on a single charge; spare battery can also be purchased at a later time.

The M1 is capable to deliver 1W at low power and 4W at high power and can be easily compared to any standard UHF handheld.

I will not go through all softwares features offered by the M1 for now. There are also plenty of reviews and videos on the Internet showing all the details of the great device!

It is very important to mention that all users or futur users must understand, the M1 is a well mature product ready to be purchased and ready to use, but it is also a great work in progress. The technical support is excellent, outstanding! And developpers are also listening the ham community for suggestions. This is very important to understand, because the M1 is getting better and better every week or so.

Developpers are very active and pro active to offer to all M1 owners the best experience with their device. The Facebook group is also active, and provide quickly the first support level : RFinder M1 Facebook Group links. I strongly invite every one to join the group!

The shipping is also extremely fast…. Ordered mine from Shipped from China, it took only 3 days to my house in Canada!

So far now, I stronly recommend the RFinder M1 to all fellow hams who would like to have a versatile DMR transceiver and an Android phone into 1 device….. and also to avoid essentially dealing with DMR code plug that change very often.

I will post more information on the RFinder M1 in my blog soon…. I’m still digging into it everyday…. a great DMR handheld so far!

Meanwhile, do not forget to follow me on Twitter @VA2SS, and subscribe to my blog and my YouTube channel as well.

Have fun and stay tuned!


de Jeff | VA2SS

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RFinder M1 Earphone pinout

OK…here are the pinouts for the speaker/mic on the Magnetic connector…it appears from translating the Chinese inset (Google Translator App) you attach a 680 ohm resistor from the mic pin to ground to switch mode of the connector…Again I have tested nothing but you can make an easy cable to interface from the wired headset…you cannot run USB and Spkr/Mic together, of course.

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IRN (TS3) and Zello at the same time

As many of you, who use the IRN, know that most of the android radios’ PTT will activate Zello automatically even if you are on TeamSpeak, which can be very annoying. The truth is that Zello, after version 3.53, added such annoying functionality.

One of the workarounds was to assign the PTT button to IRN (Team Speak3) and the SOS button to Zello. Well, we can live with that, but how could we bypass this problem with the new Inrico TM-7 (that only has the PTT button on the mic)?

The solution for the TM-7 and all other network radios, and while Zello does not remove this stupid function (or at least to allow the user to decide to turn it ON or OFF), is as simple as to install Zello v3.53 on our devices and the problem is solved.

Remember to disable Auto-Updates or else, you will get the new version installed again. One good practice, is to keep a local copy of the Zello v3.53 on your android radio so you can install it again and again. It just takes a few seconds and the user data will be preserved.


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RFinder V8.7 SD Update Package

Link to Rfindr 8.7 SD Card update package…use if FOTA online update fails…Place on SD Card in a folder ie ROM….you can upload it using the USB cable…change the USB mode to File Transfer…if doing that on a Mac you will need…. This package can be installed over previous versions.…