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Setup 4G with AT&T on the RFinder

by Bob Greenberg

Call 866.344.6217 ATT 2nd level support. Give them your phone number of the device. Tell them the system is incorrectly showing the device as 3G. Ask them to make it look like a Galaxy 8S. If the first person cannot figure it out hang up and call back. They will make the adjustment. I just came back from Africa and when I landed the B1 once again came up as 3G I had to call them to reset it. The other option is to get a SIM and port the number to them or TMobile. They like all the other carriers worldwide will gladly support your device as the 4G device it is. You will save money on TMobile or anyway. They have something new ask them to put a monitor on it to stop it from happening….they just did that for me about 5 minutes ago.

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