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RFinder B1 to the Rescue

Given my RFinder B1 – I often find myself as the main rescue tech who is working comms. This is due to this radios ability to work on any comms mechanism (cellular / DMR / VHF / UHF or DMRoIP) – as such I have the means to always be able to find a way to radio to command.
This photo was for a rescue mission at 5k feet in eastern Oregon. Air temp: 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and Windy… notice my antenna bending. The only way up this scree-hill was a steep, slow, brutal climb from 1k feet. No repeaters in range, all comms were Simplex only. However, at one point I did need to ride the cellular signal and use DMRoiP… as we were too far over a ridge in a “shadow” for SIMPLEX DMR from the base station… but I could just barely hit a cell tower and get strong enough LTE to bond to Brandmeister DMR!
Well done RFinder team. This is a great tool.
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