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IRN (TS3) and Zello at the same time

As many of you, who use the IRN, know that most of the android radios’ PTT will activate Zello automatically even if you are on TeamSpeak, which can be very annoying. The truth is that Zello, after version 3.53, added such annoying functionality.

One of the workarounds was to assign the PTT button to IRN (Team Speak3) and the SOS button to Zello. Well, we can live with that, but how could we bypass this problem with the new Inrico TM-7 (that only has the PTT button on the mic)?

The solution for the TM-7 and all other network radios, and while Zello does not remove this stupid function (or at least to allow the user to decide to turn it ON or OFF), is as simple as to install Zello v3.53 on our devices and the problem is solved.

Remember to disable Auto-Updates or else, you will get the new version installed again. One good practice, is to keep a local copy of the Zello v3.53 on your android radio so you can install it again and again. It just takes a few seconds and the user data will be preserved.


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RFinder V8.7 SD Update Package

Link to Rfindr 8.7 SD Card update package…use if FOTA online update fails…Place on SD Card in a folder ie ROM….you can upload it using the USB cable…change the USB mode to File Transfer…if doing that on a Mac you will need…. This package can be installed over previous versions.…

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RFinder – Update on 8.0

Update on 8.0 issue…from what we can see it only happens on units that were originally from factory on 6.8 and then updated to 8.0…they are making a new ROM…if anyone had the no tx/rx after updating from earlier than 6.8 to 8.0 please contact me asap directly on messenger…we are replacing all failed units asap, of course…sorry for any inconvenience…EU/Asia/Oceana are shipping directly from HK, NA/SA shipping from NY once replacements arrive…some are in transit. If your unit came with 6.8…do not update of course ;). Sorry this is taking so long but it was so obscure and to test on it was difficult…it took not only our tests/observations in NY and China, but the help i got from our users with their own observations…Thanks all for your support and patience…

by Bob Greenberg

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RFinder Radio – An Interview with Bob Greenberg W2CYK

If you have used the RFinder app on your smartphone, then you know how robust it is. Think of taking that app, finding a repeater in it, clicking a button and sending that repeater info to your radio, then keying up the repeater with no further steps. Guess what – it is here! Check out this interview!

by Jason, KC5HWB (Hamradio2.0)