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Meet the RFinder’s author – W2CYK

‪When you buy your RFinder M1 from you get outstanding support by Bob, W2CYK – the author!

He’s available on Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp. Always there for you!
Thanks, Bob! The customers aprecciate that!

2 thoughts on “Meet the RFinder’s author – W2CYK

  1. Hi Bob, I have stopped with interest on a couple of occasions and chatted with you. Once at NEARFEST and once at Xenia about the RFINDER.
    I have also concluded being a verizon user here in Mid Maine, I have no option or desire to change to AT&T.
    Therefore concluding If I decided to purchase the Rfinder in the future, I still can use it with wifi connection only, of which I may be ok with. I just want to confirm that I am correct about the following , as long as I am able to connect to wifi , I can use the Rfinder to connect to any DMR, Anolog VHF/UHF repeater within reach of my anntenna attached or is it unlimited to any repeater anywhere because I am connected to wifi.? My other question is , are you planning on having a booth in Xenia 2018?

    1. Hi, to operate DMR without a nearby repeater, you need a DMR hotspot, not a WiFi hotspot.

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