RFinder PortAzEl Portable 12V Bluetooth Az El Rotator


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Power 12-13.95 VDC, 170ma idle/<500ma Turning @12.5v
Mast Diameter 25mm/32mm
Arm Diameter 25.5mm
Azimuth Rotation 540 degree
Azimuth Resolution 1 degree
Elevation Rotation 180 degree
Elevation Resolution 1 degree
Control Pulse Width Modulation
Two speed motor
Modes of operation Manual antenna movement
Automatic antenna movement
Remote control via serial or BT
Automatic Calibration Acceleromoeter/magnetometer sensor provides auto antenna calibration and return to home position
Calibration mode Any-Direction Calibration’ offering easy antenna system deployment
USB Serial control GS232A proocol via USB A/B cable
Bluetooth  Control GS232A proocol via USB SPP
Protection Rotational Jam detection with auto-stop
Control Cable 25′ 4 conductor rotor cable 18awg max 100′
Antenna load Maximum 8lbs (balanced)
Weight Rotor head w/18″ arms: 7.5lbs, Controller: 8oz


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