Rugged Hard Case for your RFinder


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This rugged hard case delivers unparalleled protection for your RFinder handheld devices, dual-band and HF transceivers, cameras, lenses, and other valuable, fragile items. It’s designed to shield your equipment, allowing you to embark on limitless adventures with peace of mind.

Ample Storage Space: Boasting generous interior dimensions of 11.02×9.44×5 inches (280x240x127mm), this protective case offers extensive storage capacity for your essentials. It accommodates multiple devices, accessories, and cables comfortably, eliminating concerns over limited space.

Customizable Foam Interior: Equipped with pre-scored foam blocks, this case enables you to customize the interior to fit your gear precisely. By adjusting the foam inserts to conform to your equipment’s shape and size, you ensure a secure and protective fit, preventing any movement during transit.

Secure Latches & Padlock Hasps: Featuring robust latches, this case guarantees a tight closure, keeping your belongings securely contained during travel. The addition of padlock hasps provides the option to add a lock (not included), offering an extra layer of security against unauthorized access.

Pressure Relief Valve: The case includes a pressure relief valve to accommodate safe air pressure adjustments while traveling. This feature prevents a vacuum seal, protecting your items from damage due to pressure changes.

Rubberized Handles: With rubberized handles, this protective case is easy and comfortable to carry. Whether you’re heading out on a camping adventure or a business trip, these handles ensure convenient transport. Weight: 4.5lbs/2kg

This case is the ultimate solution for safeguarding your gear, combining ample storage with customizable protection and enhanced security features.

The foam is customizable for any RFinder handheld


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