RFinder experience by W4JMF

Greetings Gentlemen!

First of all, thank you for the excellent customer service.  Notifications about the order was received promptly.  Bob even took my phone call while he was traveling abroad.  Very impressive!
As I explained to Duarte, now that I have had a good play with the RFinder M1, I wanted to give my impressions.  The build quality is outstanding.  The ruggedized exterior is exactly what I was expecting.  I have very large hands, and this thing feels great while in use.
I eagerly setup my wifi, installed my usual apps with no issues, updated the operating system, and applied my hotspot settings in the RFinder app with no problem.   First test was on Zello v 3.53, but only due to Zello’s bad habit of stealing the PTT with the newer versions.  I assigned the lower button as my PTT so that I could leave the radio running for use with the top button.  Great audio from the speaker, and many stations said my audio was fantastic.
I then went on to TeamSpeak 3 on the IRN Server, assigned the lower PTT button, and called out for an audio test.  Received audio again is fantastic.  Transmit audio also sounds as good as my iPhone X.
Moving on to Echolink, for which I am a beta tester, I installed the current beta 1.5.6.  The lower PTT button functions flawlessly, and again I received great audio reports.
I tested the radio functionality next.  I connected to several local uhf repeaters without any issues, and audio was indeed a joy to hear.  I then connected to a local DMR repeater, and chatted on TAC310 for a bit.  Received audio on DMR is actually better than my single use DMR radio.  My hotspot test was also flawless.
I wanted to do a battery test the next day after a full charge.  I loaded up Zello, Echolink, TS3, and turned on the radio to monitor my hotspot.  The M1 ran from 5:30 am until 6:00 pm with everything running.  Not too shabby!
I stopped by AT&T to grab a SIM and add it my account.  Having never seen anything like this before, the guys in the store were amazed by this device and walked around showing it to everyone.  Again no issues with the SIM at all.
What else can I say guys.  This is probably one of the best equipment purchases I have ever made.  Keep it up!  You have a customer for life!
Jason Ford, W4JMF

President and Executive Director
World Wide Amateur Radio Guild Inc.