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RFinder V8.7 SD Update Package

Link to Rfindr 8.7 SD Card update package…use if FOTA online update fails…Place on SD Card in a folder ie ROM….you can upload it using the USB cable…change the USB mode to File Transfer…if doing that on a Mac you will need…. This package can be installed over previous versions.…

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RFinder – Update on 8.0

Update on 8.0 issue…from what we can see it only happens on units that were originally from factory on 6.8 and then updated to 8.0…they are making a new ROM…if anyone had the no tx/rx after updating from earlier than 6.8 to 8.0 please contact me asap directly on messenger…we are replacing all failed units asap, of course…sorry for any inconvenience…EU/Asia/Oceana are shipping directly from HK, NA/SA shipping from NY once replacements arrive…some are in transit. If your unit came with 6.8…do not update of course ;). Sorry this is taking so long but it was so obscure and to test on it was difficult…it took not only our tests/observations in NY and China, but the help i got from our users with their own observations…Thanks all for your support and patience…

by Bob Greenberg

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RFinder Radio – An Interview with Bob Greenberg W2CYK

If you have used the RFinder app on your smartphone, then you know how robust it is. Think of taking that app, finding a repeater in it, clicking a button and sending that repeater info to your radio, then keying up the repeater with no further steps. Guess what – it is here! Check out this interview!

by Jason, KC5HWB (Hamradio2.0)