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RFinder B1 to the Rescue

Given my RFinder B1 – I often find myself as the main rescue tech who is working comms. This is due to this radios ability to work on any comms mechanism (cellular / DMR / VHF / UHF or DMRoIP) – as such I have the means to always be able to find a way to radio to command.
This photo was for a rescue mission at 5k feet in eastern Oregon. Air temp: 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and Windy… notice my antenna bending. The only way up this scree-hill was a steep, slow, brutal climb from 1k feet. No repeaters in range, all comms were Simplex only. However, at one point I did need to ride the cellular signal and use DMRoiP… as we were too far over a ridge in a “shadow” for SIMPLEX DMR from the base station… but I could just barely hit a cell tower and get strong enough LTE to bond to Brandmeister DMR!
Well done RFinder team. This is a great tool.
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Setup 4G with AT&T on the RFinder

by Bob Greenberg

Call 866.344.6217 ATT 2nd level support. Give them your phone number of the device. Tell them the system is incorrectly showing the device as 3G. Ask them to make it look like a Galaxy 8S. If the first person cannot figure it out hang up and call back. They will make the adjustment. I just came back from Africa and when I landed the B1 once again came up as 3G I had to call them to reset it. The other option is to get a SIM and port the number to them or TMobile. They like all the other carriers worldwide will gladly support your device as the 4G device it is. You will save money on TMobile or anyway. They have something new ask them to put a monitor on it to stop it from happening….they just did that for me about 5 minutes ago.

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7 Things to do with an RFinder!

The RFinder is much more than «just» a DMR Transceiver!

Operating VHF or UHF analog frequencies, or accessing a DMR repeater or hotspot is something you would expect the RFinder could do.

But are you really aware of all the other exciting things you can do with this amazing transceiver?
1. Turn your RFinder into an APRS portable station

Using APRSDroid, you will be able to share your location with your ham friends across the world. Get to know where they are and what is happening in the ham world.
You can send personal messages to other hams, check weather forecasts, find the nearest ham fest and be warned about hurricanes, storms and other important alerts..

2. Your RFinder can work as worldwide scanner
Listen to the Chicago Police, or JFK Airport ATC Tower. There are no limits. Choose whatever feed you like and enjoy listening for hours. All you have to do is to install Broadcastify on your RFinder.
3. Are you a fan of Echolink?
Via 3G, 4G, Wifi or RF, the RFinder can connect you directly to your favourite Echolink node or conference. Can you imagine? Travelling the world and keep in touch with your ham friends?
You can also:

4. Make and receive phone calls
5. Send and receive texts
6. Access the IRN (International Radio Network)
7. Use Zello and other PTT apps like PTT4U