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Release Candidate 6.17.346

THIS REPLACES Ver 344 from earlier!

Features to test:
– goes out of promiscuous mode consistently when a new station is tuned from anywhere
– promiscuous mode toggle button properly reflects state and also hides itself in FM mode 
– screen wake on receive in promiscuous mode
– rounding error in memories fixed
– crash bug in locales with comma decimals fixed
– phone call turns off module, module comes back on properly with settings after call
-While in Promiscuous mode, the TX stays on the previously programmed F, TS, TG, CC…you can TX but you will recieve on all…

NOTE: should ask for a new permission on install, monitor outgoing calls (that and reading phone state are necessary for the radio to work with the phone…

Still open…Volume knob…
PTT cancel promiscuous mode seems technically unfeasible without a change to the RF module firmware.

Download here

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