Rfinder B1+ Dual Band DMR 4G/LTE DMRoIP FirstNet Ready (For first responders)


This package includes DMRoIP and APRS-IS integration. This is FirstNet Band 5 capable for first responders.
DMRoIP allows connecting to DMR networks via 4G or Wi-Fi, in case a local repeater or hotspot aren’t within reach. This means that you will always have access to your favorite DMR networks.

We ship worldwide. The RFinder software is fully developed in the USA and the hardware is produced in China, following the highest standards of quality.

The RFinder B1+ is the most advanced Dual Band (VHF/UHF) DMR Transceiver combined with an embedded, powerful smartphone. It delivers up to 4 Watt of RF Power out of its very robust case.

The RFinder B1+ is now fully capable of DMRoIP, which means that even without a DMR repeater, you will still be able to connect to your favorite DMR network using the cellphone network. Additionally, DMRoIP NetRoam (a specialized feature that allows your device to roam from network to network while using DMRoIP) is included in this release.

Compatible with most worldwide cellphone providers, including Verizon, AT&T, T-mobile, Google FI, etc. It is also FCC approved for Public Safety VHF/UHF frequencies.

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The RFinder B1+ FirstNet is the most advanced Dual Band (VHF/UHF) DMR Transceiver combined with an embedded powerful smartphone. It delivers up to 4 Watt of RF Power out of its very robust case.
Running Android, you can install all the available Play Store apps. This means that you can install Zello, Team Speak, EchoLink and many others and use the built-in PTT button to key the transmission on such apps. Can you imagine that? If you don’t reach an EchoLink node, just use your RFinder 3G, 4G or even WiFi, and you are connected. Never miss a QSO again just because there isn’t a nearby repeater. And because the RFinder has an updated database of worldwide repeaters, EchoLink nodes and DMR talk groups, you never have to memorize anything. You just search the station or repeater you want to connect, and the RFinder will change all the settings for you, either using DMR or conventional analogue FM. The RFinder is so advanced that will allow you to see on a map all the available DMR/EchoLink/Conventional repeaters nearby. Just click on your selected station, and your radio settings are changed: RX and TX frequency, Tones, offsets, splits, color codes. Everything! Welcome to the first Click & Talk transceiver. If this is not phenomenal what is it then?

◇ Features
◇ Walkie-talkie 4 Watts DMR+Analog, VHF/UHF
◇ Selling points LTE 4G smartphone,IP67 rugged, PTT:DMR+UHF/DMR+VHF,POC
◇ Display 4.0 inch
◇ Touch panel 5 points capacitive screen, support rainwater operation, IPS.
◇Glove wearing touch Support
◇ Resolution 640*1136 pixels TFT LCM
◇ Sim Dual SIM, Dual standby, the third SIM card for private network(Optional)
◇ Band 2G: GSM850/900/1800/1900;   3G:WCDMA850/900/1900/2100
LTE-TDD:B38/B39/B40/B41FirstNet Band 5 Priority
◇ OS Android 9
◇ CPU 2.3GHz
◇ Memory 4 GB RAM +64 GB ROM
◇ Micro SD card Support up to 128 GB
◇ Battery 2500mAh@7.4V(Standard)
◇ Color Black
◇ Size 148x64x30.3 mm,
◇ Weight 430g
◇ SOS Yes
◇ Channel knob yes, easy to operate
◇ PTT Optional, Push-to-Talk over two-way radio
◇ POC Yes, Push-to-Talk over Cellular/Wi-Fi
◇ programmable key Support,Customer can customize the shortcut key for special function purpose by software
◇charging dock yes
◇quick charge support 2A quick charge
◇Clip yes,
◇Micphone yes, dual mic to anti noise
◇ IP Class IP67
◇ Sensors Gravity, Gyro,Distance sensor, Light sensor,3D accelerator, Pressure sensor.
◇ FM yes
◇ NFC Optional, 13.56MHZ
◇ Speaker 2 Watts
◇ Others
◇ Camera Front camera:5mega pixels rear camera:13mega pixels
◇ Picture size up to 4096*3072 pixels
◇ Flash LED/Torch 1 flash led, 200 lumina
◇ Video record 1920*1080 recording,30fps
◇External camera support, optional
◇ External palm mic support, optional
◇ Data
◇ WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, 2.4G/5.8G
◇ data port USB 3.0
◇ USB port 20pin multiple port,2A charge, support OTG.
◇ OTG support
◇ Bluetooth BT4.0

Dual Band: 136-174 MHz / 400-480 MHz
Note: Mic connector cover plate/scre​w not included.


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